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Three Practical Business Ideas for Startups

With the easy access to information technology, in theory, everyone from around the world can create a business connection and establish a partnership. Working at offices are soon to be an outdated professional culture. We can see the rise of nomad digital workers who make millions of dollars from somewhere in an exotic island like Bali.

Now, if you have ever thought of owning a startup business by yourself, here are three easy steps that you can use immediately.

Work with Outsourcing Companies

The first rule of running a startup is that you must not burden your crews with all of the possible tasks. First, if you do so, you will overwhelm your employees. Second, additional duties mean more salary. Third, you may need to upgrade your equipment. In brief, overburdening your startup will create excessive expenses.

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The solution is to outsource your startup’s tasks whenever you see possible. But then to execute this move, you must have keen eyes for the quality of the outsourcing company’s service. Functions like customer service, social media marketing, and SEO-ing are the most frequently outsourced ones. And to find a professional outsourcing company in those fields, you only need to browse them online and scrutinize their portfolios.

Hire Private Contractors

meeting out of officeThe principle of this strategy is still the same as the one from the previous section. But now, instead of partnering with outsourcing companies, you should consider hiring private contractors. They will cost you a significantly lower price than a company, which makes them ideal for long-term and repetitive tasks.

However, you have to think of occasional meetings with your contractors. Private contractors are similar to freelance workers. In consequence, they may not do their jobs properly. Occasional meetings will give a sense of supervision and control.

For instance, you hire web designers and content creators from Atlanta. You are planning to create a company’s explainer video, advertising campaigns, and a website. Sending them your concepts are not enough because written texts tend to be open to interpretation. Therefore you should rent a meeting room Atlanta, and ask your contractors to present their understanding of your project to you.

Focus on the Research and Development

digital designWhen you build a startup, you read that there is a demand in the market. But sooner or later, the market will change, and you have to adjust your business with the new business trend. One way to achieve such a goal is to allocate your time and resources to research and development of your product.

You should learn from the big players. As an example is the Blackberry company. They were late to adapt to the smartphone technology. And as a result, their phones are no longer a competing product in the market. As reported by Forbes on 28 Sept 2016, the company’s CEO, John Chen, said that the company moved from hardware manufacturers to software development. It means that the company no longer design new products because they lose in the battle of the smartphone business.


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